Understanding NURBS, T-Splines and SubD 

Dec 1, 2022

3D modeling is an incredible feat in computing. What made it possible are inventions like NURBS and T-Splines - mathematical models for representing three-dimensional surfaces. I was trying to understand the differences between different types of modeling, different available spline types, and more.

These are a few articles I went through trying to understand what NURBS is and how it is different from newer methods like T-Splines and SubD

Comparison Between T-Spline Surface and NURBS Surface - https://www.iasj.net/iasj/download/75e98f97d052fa33

NURBS - http://academics.wellesley.edu/MAS/313/sp09/mayaguide/Complete/NURBS.pdf

Understanding NURBS - https://www.aliasworkbench.com/theoryBuilders/TB1_nurbs1.htm

The Dirty Little Secrets of NURBS - http://www.pilot3d.com/NurbSecrets.htm

WHAT ARE T-SPLINES? AND HOW CAN I USE THEM? - https://cadsetterout.com/inventor-tutorials/what-are-tsplines/

NURBS and CAD: 30 Years Together - http://isicad.net/articles.php?article_num=14940

Introduction to Continuity Terminology - https://www.aliasworkbench.com/theoryBuilders/TB3_continuity1.htm

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED ABOUT SURFACE CONTINUITY? G0, G1, AND G2 EXPLAINED - https://plmtechtalk.com/2017/01/04/have-you-ever-wondered-about-surface-continuity-g0-g1-and-g2-explained/

What Is SubD Anyway? - https://dezignstuff.com/what-is-subd-anyway/